Why CrossRoads Photo

First and foremost…congratulations on the impending or recent birth of your baby!

I understand that there are numerous choices available for newborn and child photographers. I want to thank you for coming to view my website and work. Please allow me a moment to explain what I am the best choice for you and your child.

Unique sessions:

I don’t do cookie-cutter sessions. No two are ever any more alike then two babies are alike. I have ideas, guidelines and suggestions, but you get to give me your ideas and suggestions as well. We will take the time to collaborate and come up with the best ideas for you and your baby. You are the one who gets to look at these portraits over and over, I just want to make them ones you will love.

No matter what age or what stage of childhood:

While I wish I could photograph your baby every single day of their first year, there are ages that typically work best to showcase the major milestones of the first year. In the same respect I will never say that your baby is the wrong age for pictures. If perhaps your newborn is older then the typical 5-10 days old, and is no longer staying in the curled up fetal position, I can still get some adorable portraits in another way.

If you do want to make sure you get the kinds of images you want, I can meet with you to plan out the best times for them. Another great way to make sure you don’t miss the milestones is to join my Baby’s First Year program. This way none of your child’s developmental achievements get missed.


Photography is my full time career. I am able to give it, and my clients, the time and devotion it deserves.

Unique Props:

I am the first to admit I have an addiction to obtaining new props and creating new backgrounds. I also have a tendency to make my own, or have someone I know make what I am envisioning, so that my props will not look like any other photographers. Some of my props include: a multitude of baskets, old suitcases, blankets of all kinds, a custom newborn bed, crates, tin tub, and much more. I also encourage parents to bring any items that has sentimental meaning, such as handmade blankets or clothing. I also had a dad who served in the navy so I incorporated his uniform, boots and cover. I want the story of this new family to show through in the portraits.

Babies and their families:

As you welcome your new little one into your family, you will enjoy a very special both that will exist between the three (or four, or five!) of you. I am honored to not only photograph your new child, but to photograph you with them. You will want to capture the love and amazement you feel as you watch your child grow as much as you want to photograph them growing and changing. I am also honored to photograph older siblings with their new little brother or sister. They are enthralled with this new little person just like you are, and capturing those interactions is a fun challenge for me.

At Home or on Location:

The choice is yours, though for certain sessions (primarily newborn and 3 mth) it is best to do those at home unless the weather is warm enough for them to be outside. Any other session can be done at any location you choose. Just give me a call and we can pick the perfect location and time.

More then Images, they become keepsakes:

It is always my hope that you will love and want to purchase every single image I take. I understand that is not always the case, but you can rest assured you will have a variety of options to purchase. I offer everything including: standard prints, canvas prints, metal prints, custom coffee table books, birth announcements, holiday cards, and much more. Many of the custom items I personally design to you specifications. You can also be assured that I am going to present you the best quality products for your money. I use a printing laboratory that is only available to professionals, Shutterfly has nothing on them.

You personal photographer:

It’s not an easy task to find a photographer that you trust with your newborn or your young children. I strive to be the best I can possibly be, not just as a photographer but as a person you can trust and feel comfortable around. What I mean is if I don’t have any problems making myself look foolish to get a child to smile, then you should not have any issues with asking me any question that comes to mind. It is my hope that once I have a client, I have a client for life.

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