What to Expect

Maternity Session:

This is one of the most unique experiences of your entire life. No matter whether this is your first child, or your third, each pregnancy is unique and special. Taking the time to document and preserve forever in portrait form will be memories you will never forget. You are already in love with your unborn child, show it off with a great set of Maternity portraits.

When scheduling your session, keep in mind that the best time for these portraits is right around the 30 – 35 week mark. Sometimes we can do it a little earlier, but it can be also be done right up to your due date. While it is an option to do the session closer to your due date, we don’t really recommend it. We don’t want to miss the portrait opportunity because your little bundle of joy decided to make an early entrance.

Also, keep in mind when scheduling that each indoor maternity session lasts about an hour. During the hour you will have time to change clothes or props. If you would like to do an outdoor session, we can accommodate that, but we would need to allow a little more time. Please contact us if you wish to do your session outside.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is what to wear. First and foremost wear what is comfortable and flattering to you. Solid colors photograph best. You can choose shirts and dresses that show off your beautiful belly. If you choose to do tasteful nudes, we can accommodate those as well.

Newborn Sessions:

New little life, tiny fingers and tiny toes, all curled up and precious, this time of pure innocence does not last very long. That is why a newborn session is the perfect way to capture everything about this very special and all too brief period of time.

Scheduling this session is a little different then the scheduling of other sessions. Because babies don’t understand “due dates”, what we will do is book you based on information only, and we will not set the date for your session until after the little one has made their appearance. Once they have arrived it is best to have the session done within the babies first 10 days of life. I want to capture them when they are spending the majority of their time sleeping and curled up in adorable natural positions.

This is also one of the longest sessions at 2-3 hours. This allows for plenty of feedings and soothing should the little one get fussy. The baby is the star of the show and will dictate how things go. I don’t want to rush or upset either the baby or the parents, so we take our time doing anything. Nothing will be done to upset either the parents or the baby, safety is a key concern, and no unnecessary chances will be taken.

Choosing outfits for your baby can be a lot of fun. I have three suggestions I give to every newborn’s parents. The first is to find outfits that have solid colors. Bold patterns don’t always photograph the best. Second, avoid anything that has a collar on it. Tiny newborn babies don’t have much of a neck, and collars tend to flip up into their faces and annoy them. My third suggestion is to take advantage of how cute they are with no clothing at all. You will want photographs of their super soft skin, their cute and kissable little body parts, and even their little bare butts. You have my word that any portraits done without clothing will be done in good taste.

I have lots of cute hats and other props to use, but feel free to supply items of your own. Things such as a tie of dad’s for a little boy or mom’s hair bow for a little girl. We can discuss ideas and options when you call to book your session.

Baby Sessions:

The amount of changes your baby will go through during their first year is amazing. It’s almost hard to believe when you are looking at your newborn that in one years time they will be a walking and talking little toddler!

I am proud to offer a Baby’s First Year program that allows me to capture the changes in their personalities, appearance as well as each of their developmental achievements. I want to capture each child’s individual personality as it, and the child, grows and develops! The program is simple and easy to join. There is a one time fee of $99.00 and you will receive 5 sessions (newborn, 3mth, 6mth, 9mth and one year) over your babies first year. I also offer a custom composite at the end of the first year to members of the program.

Please refer to information about Newborn Sessions to learn how to schedule your first session. Each subsequent session will be scheduled at the end of the preceding one.

In choosing outfits for your little one for these sessions, the opportunities are endless. As with newborn portraits, I will continue to recommend solid colors if possible. You can do outfits that range from frills and lace, to corduroys and jeans. Your Baby’s First Year information book will give you lots of ideas and suggestions. Additionally you can always call me for ideas and to ask if something will work.

Family Sessions:

While children are precious and irresistible to photograph, you don’t want to forget about having a family portrait taken! Mom’s and Dad’s are just as important as the children. There are no stiff formal family portraits here. I create a relaxed atmosphere to document your family interacting and enjoying each other. There will be classic portraits taken, but we will also do some silly interactive images to get to the heart of who you and your children are.

These sessions typically last one to two hours and need to be scheduled in advance as much as possible. We want to make sure we find the perfect time that works for your families busy schedule.

Clothing choices are very important with photographing a family. I always recommend solid colors in the same color family. For example the whole family can wear blue jeans and red tops, but the red tops do not have to be the exact same shade of red. A great place to check out ideas is to go to Pinterest.com. Click Here for a link to some ideas.

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